Tank Girl artist Brett Parson creates line of tanks for World of Tanks: Mercenaries

Brett Parson has created the new Outcasts line of tanks and drivers for World of Tanks: Mercenaries.

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From Wargaming.net:

Crafted by famed comic artist Brett Parson, known for his work on Tank Girl and New Romancer, the "Outcasts" line of tanks and drivers are an unusual bunch of maniacs who aim to make their mark on the smoldering battlefield in the most explosive ways imaginable. They're definitely a ... blast to play as!

Players can jump into World of Tanks: Mercenaries today and purchase the Outcasts: the Banana Buster (helmed by 40 Watt Club), the Beach Party (crewed by Battalion 23), and the T.A.N.K. (captained by The Buck). Each Outcast features their own unique advantages, command skills, and radical designs.

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