Townsmen colonizes Switch

The city-builder Townsmen was released on Switch today.

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From HandyGames:

Townsmen (Switch) is based on the long-lasting Townsmen series and comes with a carriage-load of content: players can pick between 26 different scenarios - such as protecting a city under siege from bandits or making sure the King's birthday party is a huge success - or play one of 24 sandbox maps and build a thrilling town from scratch. It's up to you as a wise ruler and careful planner to fulfill the needs of your beloved Townies, who follow individual daily routines.

In Townsmen Switch players can research up to 75 different technologies, 45 production buildings and 129 other structures, all of which need to be considered if you want to succeed: Townies appreciate short commutes to work and love to enjoy food or relax in nearby parks when off the clock. But with so many different elements to consider, including the elements themselves (seasons and weather strongly impact planning - Townies consume way more water during summer, for instance), crafting the perfect home won't be simple.

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