The Quiet Man finds its voice

Square Enix
The Answered update for The Quiet Man adds an option to play the game with sound and voice.

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From Square Enix:

The Quiet Man - Answered - is available via a free update and allows players to re-experience Dane's journey to rescue the singer Lala with sound, voices and full subtitle support for the first time. This new experience will provide the final answers to the lingering mysteries of The Quiet Man and let players know the truth within this unique interactive experience.

The Quiet Man is now available digitally for the PlayStation 4 and STEAM for $14.99. The Quiet Man - Answered - supports subtitles in 29 languages, including French (Canada), Spanish (Latin America) and Portugese (Brazil).

Subtitles will only appear when spoken dialogue is intended to be heard or understood. For narrative purposes, no subtitles will be displayed for most scenes regardless of this setting. The Quiet Man - Answered - patch play through will feature full subtitles.

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