FIFA Mobile kicks off a new season

EA Mobile
The new season of FIFA Mobile has launched worldwide for iOS and Android devices.

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From EA Mobile:

This season's update will be better than ever, bringing back your favorite features and adding a number of significant improvements and new experiences, including: a substantial gameplay engine upgrade, visual overhaul and the introduction of one of our community's most requested modes, Real Time Head to Head.

Below is an overview of some of the most exciting changes you can expect in this new season of FIFA Mobile:

• THE BEST GAMEPLAY YET: The most significant upgrade for the new season of FIFA Mobile is a complete gameplay engine overhaul that creates a realistic and responsive mobile football experience. Players move more fluidly on the pitch thanks to a dramatically overhauled animation system, and AI-controlled players operate much more intelligently and realistically on both sides of the ball.

• ALL NEW VISUALS: FIFA Mobile doesn't just feel more realistic and authentic, it also looks the part. Player likenesses is better than ever, highlighted by a fresh set of star heads, authentic boots, and signature goal celebrations. Off the pitch, menus and player items have been completely redesigned—and they look stunning.

• REAL TIME HEAD TO HEAD: Fans can now battle real time in our new Head to Head mode! We've amped up the competitive fun like never before with authentic 11 vs 11 matches that allow players to compete against one another from across the globe. Early on, in Amateur and Pro Divisions we may match you up against an AI Trainer to help you improve your skills on the pitch. Learn more about the specs for this mode here.

• NEW CHEMISTRY SYSTEM: Build your Ultimate Team in FIFA Mobile with the all-new Team Chemistry system, which will provide boosts to your Starting XI when you include players from the same real-world club, league, nationality, or live program.

• AND MORE... This is only the tip of the iceberg. To learn more about all the ways we've improved your favorite features and modes visit our website.

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