Circle Empires spins out new expansion

Iceberg Interactive
The Apex Monsters! DLC is now available for Circle Empires.

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From Iceberg Interactive:
Apex Monsters

In Apex Monsters!, hunt down a feared unicorn named Über, as you recruit wax monsters that spawn wax towers that shoot wax at your enemies (we could wax lyrical all day). Or recruit your own horny unicorns and fight Enormy the Enormous; a really dumb but (for some reason) widely revered Barbarian. Yeah, it's all pretty weird, and there's a lot more to discover. Recruit brand new units to fight by your side like crossbowmen, infested queens, black dragons, white dragons and assassin warriors. All Apex Monsters! units can be used across all game modes with this DLC package installed.

Circle Empires ‘Apex Monsters!' Key Features:

 · 6 new leaders to play as
 · 12 new monsters to hunt down
 · 21 new units (including unit classes)
 · A new autumn themed biome
 · All leaders have a new unit to recruitAI empires use the new units to wreak havoc of their own

In addition, a special Halloween update to the base game has been released. Players will temporarily be able to plant haunted pumpkins, that summon a spooky surprise when harvested.

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