Mephisto enters the Nexus

Blizzard Entertainment
Mephisto is now live in Heroes of the Storm.

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From Blizzard Entertainment:

The Lord of Hatred is ready to spread terror throughout the Nexus - Mephisto is now live in Heroes of the Storm. Mephisto is a Ranged Assassin who rewards an aggressive playstyle by reducing the cooldowns of his abilities when damaging enemies.

After being worked on for a year, the time has come to bring back Hanamura Temple! In this major rework, we have updated the 15th battleground in the Nexus to emphasize team fights. With exciting updates like a having only a single payload to contest which travels along a path that changes as your team progresses, Hanamura Temple is sure to deliver dynamic team fights. Additionally, we have also introduced a brand new type of mercenary camp - the Recon Camp which will give your team strategic vision when you capture it.

Today you can hop into the Nexus to check out the Tyrande rework. Tyrande is now a Healer who still retains a lot of the playmaking and damage of her old kit. These exciting updates to Tyrande's kit are now live so you can check them out.

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