World of Tanks: Mercenaries rolls out new update

World of Tanks: Mercenaries Update 4.6 is now available on console platforms.

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Mercenaries Update 4.6 introduces new content features, including a fresh combat perspective from Artillery class vehicles. Tank commanders can expect new Mercenary-themed tanks, Crews, Maps and some of the community's most popular requests fulfilled!

The first major feature is a new Artillery camera: the ‘Trajectory' view. Available along with the existing birds-eye Artillery view, this perspective brings the camera lower to the ground and rotates to follow the shell's trajectory, with the tank as the central pivoting point. As well as giving more variety and options to playstyles for Artillery, this new view is immersive and will bring players closer to the action than ever before.

When developing new features for World of Tanks: Mercenaries, Chicago-based Wargaming West keeps its ear to the ground and prioritizes requests from the community. Following a high level of demand from players, health bar numbers have been added to enemy and ally vehicles! When switched on, this feature gives players an indication of the state of their own team, or how much health still needs to be knocked off opponents.

Players looking for new trials needn't look further; Mercenaries Update 4.6 expands upon the recently added Mercenaries Tech Tree, offering a suite of powerful new vehicles. Captained by fierce Mercenary Crews, these vehicles are unlockable for free through the completion of Contract missions and are available to earn right away. View the below brief for more info on new Merc vehicles and Crews now available in Mercenaries:

 · Thresher: a well-armored Light Tank with an aggressive weapon. It's operated by Dark Fox, a New Zealander who served under British command during World War II before going rogue and seeking revenge against Axis forces.

 · Long Reach: a Heavy Tank that brings together the best of British, German and Soviet engineering. It's captained by Brutal Beast, a Swiss ex-spy who travels across Europe, liberating towns and their people from German rule.

 · Sharpshooter: this Medium Tank combines machinery from Axis and Allied tanks, making for a nimble vehicle that packs a reliable shot. It's under the command of Red Sentinel, an Italian soldier driven mad by the heat as he held his position against waves of Allied soldiers in a small Tunisian town.

And it's not just the Mercenary Tech Tree that's expanding! Players can look forward to working towards brand-new Tier X vehicles in the Chinese and British Tech Trees. The WZ-111 5A is a fearsome new Chinese Heavy Tank that has excellent armor and speed - enemy tanks will struggle to get the jump on it! It's joined by the British Heavy Tank, the Super Conqueror. With all-round thick spaced armor giving it top protection from every angle and great handling, it is a menace to slower enemies.

Two new maps are also set to shake up Multiplayer battles! Caen - 1944 is inspired by a real town in north-western France that was liberated from German control during the Battle of Normandy. It was originally used as the basis for the epic finale of the War Stories campaign Operation Sealion, where the story's heroes finally drove the amphibious German invasion out of wartime Britain. With undulating hills, a large central ridge and a vast beach to the east, this map is primed for explosive showdowns. The peaceful Pearl River will also join the rotation. An idyllic valley bathed in golden sunlight, this map features rugged terrain that allows players to engage in ambushes and flanking maneuvers. Stalk along the riverbed that cuts through the map to launch a direct attack on the enemy base!

World of Tanks: Mercenaries is a social game at heart, with teamwork and cohesive action providing the key to victory. To improve the quality of matches, teaming up with friends in Platoons will now be easier and fairer. Players will now only be able to select tanks from the same tier as their Platoon leader, with only one Artillery vehicle allowed per Platoon. The new Persistent Platoons also mean that friends and recent players you've fought alongside in battle will easily be able to join you or others by joining games through player profiles.

World of Tanks: Mercenaries Update 4.6 contains even more features and additions for players to uncover. For more details on Update 4.6, visit:

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