World of Warships celebrates third anniversary with a new update

Update 0.7.8 was released today, and the in-game anniversary celebrations will continue through September 19th.

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With update 0.7.8, players have access to new ships, new content, a new season of Ranked Battles, and a beautifully decorated birthday rendition of the port of Saint Petersburg. The port city of Saint Petersburg will truly be a sight for tired sailors — its skies lit up with dazzling fireworks, blazing searchlights, and other decorations designed to immerse you in the festive atmosphere!

Throughout the event, which runs from now through September 19, containers will drop for players who complete special in-game missions. Each container holds Anniversary-specific tokens and/or Anniversary-themed items. Anniversary tokens can be used to purchase new commanders (including the coveted Commander Dasha and "space" commanders), along with signal-flags ("signals"), new camouflages, and other fantastic content. Anniversary containers may also drop signals, camo, and other items from past Anniversary events. Also included in the event is the Dasha's Diary challenge, which has players search for pages and photos from Commander Dasha's diary; trading tales of Dasha's travels unlocks even more unique items for ships!

A full overview of the World of Warships event can be found here:

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