The Puzzle Labs are now open

Blizzard Entertainment
The Boomsday Project's single player mode, The Puzzle Labs, has launched, and three card packs are available for free on login to Hearthstone.

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From Blizzard Entertainment:
The Puzzle Labs

The Boomsday Project's single player experience, The Puzzle Labs, is now live! Players can log in for a limited time to receive 3 The Boomsday Project card packs for free.

In this new single-player mode, players can earn Dr. Boom's favor by solving over 100 different mind-boggling puzzles. Players are given specific scenarios and cards to work through these puzzles, designed to stretch your knowledge of card mechanics and interactions! Each lab represents four different puzzle types: Lethal, Mirror, Board Clear, and Survival.

Overcome every puzzle and players will earn The Boomlabs! card back.

Intrepid scientists, engineers, and test subjects of Azeroth have gathered to celebrate explosions—and SCIENCE!—in The Boomsday Project, the new expansion for Hearthstone, Blizzard Entertainment's smash-hit digital card game. In it, the infamous Dr. Boom unleashes his delightfully irresponsible experiments upon players in the form of 135 zany cards and a slew of mischievous new gameplay mechanics.


The Boomsday Project is a scientific endeavor of maddening scope, so Dr. Boom is calling in curious minds from across Azeroth to help! All the maddening science being studied at the Boom Labs—not to mention the blatant disregard for ethics and safety—has resulted in a lack of willing participants, which has led Dr. Boom to relax his hiring requirements for new researchers.

In The Boomsday Project's single-player experience, The Puzzle Lab, players can earn Dr. Boom's favor by solving over 100 different mind-boggling brain-teasers that'll put their wits to the test in a variety of ways. Each lab represents one of four puzzle types, and players can progress through The Puzzle Lab in any order they wish.

Bright researchers who survive the gauntlet will earn a one-on-one with Dr. Boom himself at his personal workshop. The few who are clever enough to best all his trials will be rewarded with the Boomsday! card back!


• LETHAL -Classic puzzles that challenge intrepid interns to find a way to neutralize their opponents using only the cards in their hands.

• SURVIVAL - Restore your health and find a way to make it through these incredibly deadly puzzles in one piece.

• MIRROR - Create a board state that mimics the opponent's—by any means necessary.

• BOARD CLEAR - Remove all minions from the board, including your own. Experimentation is encouraged, as there are often several possible solutions.

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