Tychus Findlay coming to StarCraft II

Blizzard Entertainment
Tychus Findlay is the next Co-Op commander coming to StarCraft II.

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From Blizzard Entertainment:
Tychus Findlay

Introducing Tychus Findlay

• An Iconic Hero Returns - A big guy with a big ego and an even bigger gun, the notorious outlaw Tychus Findlay has seen a few scrapes in his time. When he's not busy helping liberate the Koprulu Sector with his buddy Jim Raynor, Tychus makes a more-than-modest living running high-risk operations with his own crew.

• Tychus' Outlaws - Tychus commands a ragtag crew of Outlaws, each with distinct personalities and unique, deadly skillsets that cunning players can exploit to meet the needs of any given skirmish.

• A New Layer of strategy - As a Co-op Commander, Tychus' strength lies in his adaptability. Depending on the mission at hand, you can choose to deploy Outlaws with specific specializations, allowing you to build a squad to fit your precise task.

• Brand New Way To Play Co-op - Tychus is the first Co-op Commander where players can control a small squad of elite units with specialized skills. Players who enjoy controlling smaller armies composed of powerful Hero units will especially like Tychus. We've designed each Outlaw around a well-defined role and we think they all stand out as distinct, fully-formed characters.

• Powerful Call Downs - Tychus can call down his favorite war machine, the Odin. Equipped with massive twin cannons and the devastating Barrage ability, the Odin can further upgraded with the ‘Big Red Button', giving Tychus the ability to clear a path with nuclear power.

• Strategic Mobility - The construction of Medivac Platforms will grant the Heaven's Devils tactical mobility in the form of Medivac Pickups. Not only can you engage or retreat in a pinch, but the Medivac will fully heal anyone it transports and provides them with a temporary cloaking field.


Whether a problem calls for brute force, subterfuge, or raw firepower, Tychus and his crew are adequately equipped to handle it. There are three designations for the outlaws that make up his crew: The Guns, The Muscle, and The Fixers. These Outlaws offer a whole new level of strategy and adaptability when you're in the heat of battle.

• The High Single-Target Damage Dealer - Crooked Sam is a Reaper who excels at dealing heavy damage against individual targets. His Demolition Charge can eradicate the largest foes while his Shade Suit helps him stay in the thick of the fight and go toe-to-toe with the fiercest enemies.

• The Anti-Air, Crowd Control Specialist - The Warhound James "Sirius" Sykes can deploy turrets to deal and soak up damage. His upgrades increase his potency against air units and can cause his enemies to run in fear, disabling their attacks.

• The Anti-light Tank - The Firebat Miles "Blaze" Lewis is perfect for dealing with masses of weak ground units. Drenching his foes in oil and igniting them with his twin flamethrowers, Blaze leaves nothing behind but ash and cinder.

• The Bruisier and Initiator - Rob "Cannonball" Boswell is one tough HERC and can take loads of punishment. Now only can completely restore his health when taking fatal damage, but he can grapple himself straight into a fight, stunning any enemies in the area.

• The Anti-Armor Tank - Kev "Rattlesnake" West is a Marauder who is adept at supporting friendly units and dealing with armored ground units. He can use Deploy Revitalizer to heal his teammates and boost their attack speed.

• The Mind Control Specialist - Vega is a Ghost who uses her potent psionic abilities to dominate the mind of her opponents. She can temporarily mind control the most powerful units on the battlefield and cause confusion among the enemy forces.

• The Area Damage Specialist - A powerful Spectre, Nux is potent at dealing with waves of units due to his explosive Ultrasonic Pulse. Not only does he have the strongest area of effect abilities, but he can also decrease the cooldowns of his fellow Outlaws, making him a powerful member of the Heaven's Devils.

• The Dedicated Healer - Lt. Layna Nikara is the toughest Medic around and an Outlaw that you want watching your back. Her restorative abilities are second-to-none. Not only can she heal multiple targets, but she can shield her allies, allowing them to survive the most devastating attacks.

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