Hearthstone adding a solo adventure to The Boomsday Project

Blizzard Entertainment
The Puzzle Labs is a new solo adventure coming to The Boomsday Project expansion for Hearthstone.

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From Blizzard Entertainment:

In past expansions, you have fought through a gauntlet of bosses with your constructed decks, and recently been able to draft decks with unique treasures to vanquish your foes, but this new single-player mode twists things up with puzzles! This time around, you can progress through the four labs in any order, and you will never lose your progress. If you ever get stuck or want to try something else, you're free to jump around and come back later.

In this new single-player mode, players can earn Dr. Boom's favor by solving over 100 different mind-boggling puzzles. Players are given specific scenarios and cards to work through these puzzles, designed to stretch your knowledge of card mechanics and interactions!

Blast your way through the Puzzle Lab's four unique categories of brain-teasers in any order you wish:

 · Lethal - In this experiment, players are tasked with neutralizing the opponent in one turn using the cards at their disposal

 · Mirror - These tasks challenge players to create a board state where both sides are perfect mirror images of each other: minion positioning, health, attack, etc. These particularly devious puzzles require one to think outside the box

 · Board Clear - Pretty straightforward: clear the board of all minions, even your own

 · Survival - The Survival trial requires the test subject to restore their own health in order to survive their opponent's onslaught

Bright researchers who survive the gauntlet will earn a one-on-one with Dr. Boom himself, to solve ultimate tests of wit in each of the four categories. Those clever enough to outsmart him will be rewarded with the Boomsday card back!

Hearthstone Missions Designer Giovanni Scarpati and Lead UI Designer Max Ma talk about the new Solo Adventure coming with The Boomsday Project, The Puzzle Labs. Giovanni talks the inspiration and design of The Puzzle Labs, and how each of the four puzzle types were created give players insight into the game's nuances by participating in deadly laboratory studies! Max walks through some of the iterations for the UI that was created to make accessing the labs as smooth as possible.

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