From the Ashes rises on Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Deep Silver
The From the Ashes DLC is now available for Kingdom Come: Deliverance on PC and consoles.

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From Deep Silver:
From the Ashes

Kingdom Come: Deliverance's first DLC introduces a new type of adventure. Players will have the ability to build an entire authentic village "from the ashes" of a burned down bandit camp and experience first-hand what it was like to build a new settlement from the ground up in the Holy Roman Empire.

As the newly appointed bailiff, players will decide which structures to build first, how they want to attract people to their settlement, and how to handle disputes amongst citizens. But a bailiff's lot is not all hard work; village leaders can also enjoy recreational activities like taking one of the new horses for a ride, rolling the dice in games of chance, or just visiting the local (and recently built on your orders) tavern. These are just some of the activities awaiting players in From the Ashes.

From the Ashes - Features

· Manage a village and control the finances. Plan accordingly and take care of your reputation.

· Upgrade your buildings and get unique items which will help you on your journey through Bohemia.

· Hire special NPCs and upgrade your production with well-known characters from the game.

· Mediate disputes and influence the wellbeing of your citizens and budget.

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