The Warchrome Wastes come to Heroes of the Storm PTR

Blizzard Entertainment
The Warchrome Wastes update for Heroes of the Storm is now live on the PTR.

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From Blizzard Entertainment:
Warchrome Wastes

A realm where constant warfare and chaos rage on the farthest edges of the Nexus, where wastewalkers have been exiled far from civilization, and where warlords and factions rely on strength and metal to assert their right to rule...

Welcome to Warchrome Wastes, now live in the PTR! In the Wastes, battle-hardened heroes and revolutionaries engage in an unending battle against the oppressive rule of Garrosh's Gang—otherwise known as "The Outriders." Take up arms with the new Warchrome Skins and mount to defend your right to survive as: • Vile Azmodan • Diesel Speaker Nazeebo • Roadraider Raynor • Helldorado Speeder Bike

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