World of Warships celebrating the Fourth

World of Warships has added American ships and given the Port of New York the Independence Day treatment.

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Today, Wargaming deployed its second phase in the "American Arc" of content with new light and heavy cruisers to fill out the American technology tree. Some ships were also moved around the tier to better balance them in-game. Along with the cruiser updates and additions, there's a new in-game event dubbed "Confrontation" where players will pick a side to fight for and earn points for their team in an Axis & Allies-styled metagame. Players who take part in this event will also earn daily rewards, so pick your team and man your battlestations!

An often-requested feature, the Arsenal, is now also available. The Arsenal allows players to trade coal and steel for flags, camouflage and more. To help players get started with the Arsenal, Wargaming will add some free steel and coal to current World of Warships players' accounts.

Last but not least, the in-game Port of New York will be getting a festive Independence Day makeover, with fireworks lighting up the night sky on July 4th. As you can expect, there will be a special in-game event to celebrate the July 4th holiday, starting June 30th and running through July 5th — with special missions and discounts on American ships, in-game currency and more.

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