Skylanders Ring of Heroes revealed

Skylanders Ring of Heroes is coming to Android and iOS, and is now in beta on Google Play.

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From Com2us:

Skylanders Ring of Heroes is a turn-based, action RPG adventure where players assume the role of Portal Master, drawn into the Skylands from a dimensional rift caused by the dastardly dark magician, Kaos. As Portal Master, players will traverse ten diverse Skylands with multiple stages and boss battles.

Featuring deep progression and combat systems, Skylanders Ring of Heroes allows players [BD1] to collect and combine Skylanders with multiple evolution states, skills and elemental powers, to form unique attacks to best their opponents. Soul, Elemental and Almighty Stones along with runes are acquired throughout the world of Skylanders Ring of Heroes to outfit and upgrade Skylanders in Skylanders Ring of Heroes through three states: evolution, awaken, skill power-up. To defeat Kaos, players must be strategic with use of the real time mana gauge and vollying turn based attacks at the most opportune times, while also utilizing the most effective skills and Skylanders formations for each dungeon. The game will also include an engaging PvP mode, featuring a battle arena for asynchronous action.

Skylanders Ring of Heroes beta is available now until June 25 on Google Play. Skylanders Ring of Heroes will fully launch on the App Store and Google Play Q3 of this year.

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