Harpy lands on Closers

En Masse Entertainment
Harpy is now available as a playable character in Closers.

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From En Masse Entertainment:

Formerly known as the Phantom Thief, Harpy dazzles enemies with her lightning-fast kick attacks as well as throwing energy-powered cards from a distance. As the new "shadow" of the Wolf Dogs, Harpy uses her agility and her phase power ability to summon a column of energy to send enemies flying!

In celebration of the Harpy character update, En Masse will be hosting a special Harpy community event this week! The ‘Harpy Kickstart Event' will take place today and end on May 29 at 11:59PM PDT; all participants who can level the new Harpy character to level 20 before the end of the event will receive the following rewards:
• 1 Day of Elite Status
• 5 Pirate Costume Washing Machine
• 500 EMP
• Midnight Wings accessory (AAA tuned, 30-days)
• Permanent shark accessory

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