Homo Machina makes it to mobile

The biological puzzle game, Homo Machina, is now available on Android and iOS.

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From ARTE:
Homo Machina

The winner of Best Mobile/Tablet Game at the 2018 Games Connection Development Awards in San Francisco, and a head-turner at recent events like GDC and Rezzed, Homo Machina is an aesthetically unique title that invites players inside the human body.

But there's a twist this body is a gigantic factory, staffed by an army of workers that must be instructed to successfully execute a series of human functions that we perform every day. Across a series of scenarios, they'll be responsible for opening your eyes in the morning, eating (and digesting) your breakfast, and so much more. If you can get them to cooperate, that is, by using the game's accessible and intuitive touch controls.

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