Fishing Strike lands on mobile

Fishing Strike is now available for Android and iOS devices.

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From Netmarble:
Fishing Strike

Developed by Wemade Plus and published by Netmarble, Fishing Strike offers a completely new mobile fishing experience as players travel the globe and cast their lines in the hopes of collecting the best fish in the world.

With over 1 million players pre-registered since the game's announcement in February, the game includes over 500 species of fish for players to catch, 30 anglers to choose from, 6 different regions to explore and a variety of game modes available at launch.

Fishing Strike features dynamic visuals underwater, supported by a unique Smart View system for fishing in clear waters and allowing players to select the fish they would like to catch. Each angler also has its own set of unique skills to utilize when catching fish, allowing for more strategic and exhilarating battles with the various sea creatures.

The game also supports virtual reality and augmented reality viewing modes, where players can view the fish they acquire in their own aquarium with a 360- degree camera view, overlaying the fish onto the real world around them through their mobile device's camera lens. The game also utilizes artificial intelligence technology for each fish, with each species in the aquarium changing their behavior and affecting the behavior of others based on real-world food chain structures.

"From hyper-realistic features to dynamic battles with the fish, Fishing Strike will deliver a completely new fishing experience to gamers from around the world." said Netmarble's Division Director Byung-jin Oh. "We can't wait to see the enthusiasm from players as they cast, lure and reel their way to becoming the best anglers in the world."

To celebrate Fishing Strike's launch, Netmarble will host an in-game event until April 25th, offering extensive in-game items when players login daily.

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