MINECON Earth is coming in September

MINECON Earth will be livestreamed globally on September 29th.

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From Microsoft:

The show will be hosted by Lydia Winters, brand director of Mojang, as well as 5 community content creator co-hosts. We'll be revealing our community co-hosts later this month via @Minecraft on Twitter.

What will MINECON Earth Include?

• News and Sneak Peeks! Similar to the reveal of the Update Aquatic at 2017's show, Minecraft will share exciting news and announcements for the global community during MINECON Earth.

• Panels! We want to hear from the community on topics our panels will discuss at MINECON Earth. What Minecraft subjects have you always wanted to learn more about? To submit ideas, visit Minecraft.net. Submissions will be open until June 15.

• Costume Contest! Minecraft will again be hosting a costume contest as part of MINECON Earth where the winners will have a chance to be a part of the live show. Get crafting on your best cubic costume creations now to be ready to submit! More information on the contest coming soon.

How Can I Participate? Players can watch the MINECON Earth broadcast for free via all of Minecraft's official channels, including Minecraft.net, YouTube, Mixer, Twitch, and Facebook. Minecraft will also be hosting global viewing parties to enable a fun and shared MINECON Earth experience. More details to come on the locations of our viewing parties at a later date.

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