Deckard Cain will be newest hero of the storm

Blizzard Entertainment
Deckard Cain will be joining Heroes of the Storm, and will soon be available for play in the PTR.

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From Blizzard Entertainment:
Deckard Cain

Stay a while and listen..

The Loremaster will be arriving in the Nexus. Deckard Cain, The Last Horadrim, will soon be coming to the Public Test Realm in Heroes of the Storm! Get ready to write your own tall tales of victory with Deckard Cain and become a legendary Healer.

Do you thirst for knowledge? The Loremaster isn't the only news stirring in the Nexus... the team has also revealed that they will be diving deep into the lore of Heroes of the Storm with a comic entitled "Rise of the Raven Lord" later this month, so keep your eye on this space for the latest news.

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