Azure Saga: Pathfinder finds its way to Steam

MassHive Media
The turn-based JRPG Azure Saga: Pathfinder launched on Steam today.

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From MassHive Media:

Far into the future, the human race has spread to colonies scattered across the known universe. Besieged on all fronts, humanity's last hope is the legendary planet Azure - a world brimming with life and natural resources. Finding a new "home" is all that stands between borderline survival and certain extinction. Synch, a young scientist, takes off on a perilous journey to Azure - where he will hopefully reunite with his father...

Azure Saga is a JRPG - so expect random enemy encounters as you explore open flatlands, mysterious caves, and other unexpected locations. When in doubt, equip your characters with the best possible gear - along with powerful jewels - to deal massive damage to foes. Attack order, weapon choices, and skill use will determine the outcome every single time. Want better odds? Call upon party members to unleash United Skill attacks for multiple hit combos!

Immersive world: A classic storyline sure to please veterans and newbies alike.
Traditional turn-based RPG gameplay: Classically inspired turn-based combat with random enemy encounters - like the Japanese RPGs of yore.
Strategic planning: Configure your gear and jewels to help your characters reach their full potential.
United Skills: Unite, mix, and match skills to discover powerful abilities - each with their own effects!
Classic "old school" feel: The game is packed with adventures, puzzles, and secrets to discover.

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