Lucky sets off for Gilly Island

The Gilly Island DLC for Super Lucky's Tale launched today.

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From Microsoft:

Lucky is back and this time he is in Gilly Island, an all-new chapter of the game set in a tropical paradise which just so happens to be in need of some rescuing. What's more, Super Lucky's Tale is now part of Xbox Game Pass. Members can spend hours enjoying the game and, for additional adventures with Lucky, please check out Gilly Island, available for separate purchase.

Trouble in Paradise

Fresh from his victory over Jinx, Lucky is looking forward to a day off. But the Book of Ages has other plans, and Lucky is once again pulled in, this time emerging into the tropical resort of Gilly Island.

Despite its beauty and renown as an award-winning vacation spot, it's quickly apparent that something is amiss on the island. Lucky learns Lady Meowmalade has hijacked the resort to throw the greatest (worst) party ever as she celebrates the release of her latest single. Now Lucky must save the island and its vacationers from Meowmalade's chaos before it ruins their fun and ultimately wreaks havoc on all the worlds inside the Book of Ages.

Join Lucky for more classic platforming challenges, brain-bending puzzles, mysterious foxholes, and tropically treacherous obstacle courses. Meet characters new and old as you burrow, jump and spin your way through a sun-soaked paradise.

Gilly Island is available today for $4.99 across the Xbox One family of devices and Windows 10 PC.

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