Storm Enforcer skins come to the Nexus

Blizzard Entertainment
Enforcer Skins have dropped in Heroes of the Storm, and Sonya and Medivh have been reworked as part of the game patch.

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From Blizzard Entertainment:

The Heroes of the Storm Enforcer Skins are now live in the Nexus. Now's your chance to maintain order in the Nexus by battling it out in one of the new Enforcer Skins and on the Enforcer Mount:

• Enforcer Jaina
• Paramedic Morales
• Watchdog Greymane
• STORM Strider Mount

The ability to now protect and serve in the Nexus in style isn't the only exciting thing about this patch. We are also revisiting two of the strongest Heroes in the Nexus and are revamping them for the epic battles that await. We have heard all of the community feedback and took a look at modernizing and refreshing the talents and kits for Sonya and Medivh.

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