Bolt Riley sets off on a reggae adventure

Adventure Mob
Chapter One of the adventure game Bolt Riley - A Reggae Adventure is now available on Steam, Google Play, and the iTunes App Store.

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From Adventure Mob:
Bolt Riley

Bolt Riley - A Reggae Adventure tells the story of a young man growing up in a very poor area of Kingston, Jamaica. He loves music, and after discovering Reggae Music he wants to become a singer. In the game you play as Bolt, and help him discover his inspiration. He needs to write great songs and put together a talented group of musicians. Bolt has to deal with some gang members who are asking him to perform acts of crime. Instead, he chooses a path of peace and goes against the violent environment he lives in, while helping out his fellow townsfolk, reuniting families, and bringing joy and harmony to his neighbors.

The game is a collaborative work between Adventure Mob and Lori and Corey Cole, Creators of the Quest for Glory series who took part as design consultants on this project.

Bolt Riley is fully voiced by professional actors who are well known for other adventure games, such as Anthony Sardinha (The Journey Down), Jesse Lowther (Quest for Infamy) as the narrator, and Jason Linere White (Scrubby) as Bolt Riley.

Bolt Riley is the first game ever to offer Jamaican Patois localization as a language option.

Bolt Riley received several awards including Indie Prizes for "Best in Show, Audience Choice" and "Best Game Audio" awards, and was a finalist in GameIS Awards.

Bolt Riley's Key Features:

 · Hand drawn 2D backgrounds and character cel animation.
 · Classic point and click adventure game elements (including funny dialog puzzles, exploration, special inventory items, and of course, a rope.)
 · Second inventory for Inspirations that are used in the game to Inspire other characters.
 · Humorous narrative. Yes, really! It's very punny!
 · Jamaican Patios Localization.
 · Original Reggae music soundtrack.
 · Voice acting by well known professional voice actors
 · Current Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, OUYA, and Razer Forge TV.
 · Compatible Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Store, Current Gen Consoles and more.

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