Out of Ammo is out now

Zen Studios
The VR builder/shooter Out of Ammo is now available for PlayStation VR.

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From Zen Studios:
Out of Ammo

Out of Ammo offers a unique hybrid of real-time strategy and first-person shooter unlike anything else you've ever experienced on PlayStation VR. With a simple yet engaging aesthetic approach, the game puts players in the roles of general and grunt in the midst of heated battles intensified by the immersion of virtual reality.

As general, players dictate where to place fortifications and troops. Once a sound strategy is at hand, it's time to assume the identities of any soldier on the battlefield, whether shooting machineguns and throwing grenades at the front lines or carefully executing sniper blasts from watchtowers—players can even wield pistols as a medic and blast away with a shotgun as an engineer. Switching between viewpoints is vital to success as the enemy changes its own approach in real time.

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