Antihero launches on mobile

Versus Evil
The digital board game Antihero is now available for Android and iOS devices.

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From Versus Evil:

Set against the backdrop of a gas-lit Victorian underworld, players assume the role of a Master Thief, and employ underhanded and ruthless tactics to dominate the city and outwit their opponents. The mobile version of Antihero is cross compatible with its PC counterpart launched last year and allows players to continue their devious strategies on the move.

The game includes a story-driven single player campaign and a Skirmish-vs-AI mode to help would-be thieves practice their skulduggery skills before going face to face with online opponents.

In Antihero players can test their thievery skills in a gas-lit Victorian underworld overrun by corruption and greed, your task is to manage your thieves' guild, recruit street urchins, hire gangs, steal everything... and bribe, blackmail and assassinate your way to victory! Resource management is key to growing your guild and utilizing your nefarious assets as you set about your dastardly deeds. Spend your ill-gotten riches to hire new recruits such as thugs and saboteurs to disrupt your opponent's progress and dominate key ground, upgrade your thieving skills and acquire deadly weapons to give you the ultimate edge. Gold is a thief's best friend!

"Once you get into Antihero's multiplayer game modes and start taking on a multitude of people either through real time or a-synch mode, Antihero will have you. Combining this with cross-platform play on the PC ensures there is plenty of competition for those who want to keep playing on the move or just finish up when you are back at your PC." commented Versus Evil General Manager, Steve Escalante. "Versus Evil's commitment to pursue premium mobile gaming with our partners and amazing developers like Tim Conkling, continues to be reinforced with the recent critical reaction to Antihero on PC. We hope you enjoy this game as much as we have."

Antihero also includes two online game modes. ‘Casual Matches' are asynchronous affairs - players can take their time to their next move, and have multiple games running simultaneously.. In ‘Live Match', players face their opponents in real-time, with a turn-timer upping the pressure dramatically! Experienced thieves can set up custom "House Rules" to tailor matches to their tastes.

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