Frostfall arrives in Dauntless

Phoenix Labs
The Frostfall event in Dauntless begins today, December 19th.

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From Phoenix Labs:

Frostfall introduces new hunts and quests, exclusive rewards, expanded character creator options, and more to Dauntless during its current Closed Beta. Also during the holiday season, Slayers can give the gift of Dauntless by purchasing Founder's Packs for others. Players can visit the Dauntless website and purchase a code to give to a friend.

The Frostfall event adds tons of new content for a limited time. In addition to giving the hub city of Ramsgate a chilly change of scenery, it adds:

• New hunts and hunt modifiers, including fearsome dual Behemoth encounters, where players face two huge monsters on one hunt

• 3 new consumables, including a portable campfire to stay warm on the hunt. These will be offered for a limited time only, but Slayers will be able to keep their supplies after Frostfall ends

• Three new emotes are now available which Slayers will be able to use after Frostfall concludes

• New facial hair, eyebrow, and face paint options to help Slayers keep warm. All Slayers receive a one-time appearance reset token so that everyone can try the Frostfall appearances.

• Slayers who survive Frostfall can show off their skills with 4 new in-game titles.

• Two new Frostfall themed flares to illuminate the sky

• Additional banner customization options

• A limited edition cosmetic helm to celebrate the myth of the Frostfall Queen

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