Hoshizora no Memoria launching on Steam

Sekai Project
Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish Upon a Shooting Star- will be available on Steam on December 18th.

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From Sekai Project:
Hoshizora no Memoria

Kogasaka You and his younger sister Chinami are moving back to their childhood home to live with their aunt after the sudden death of their mother. Since You was close with a girl whom he spent time with after school every day at the local hangout, it was especially tough to initially leave.

After she discovers that he's leaving, she makes him promise to return one day to marry her and she leaves him with a single kiss on the forehead to remember her by.

Once You returns to his hometown, he begins his search for that long lost childhood friend. However, his search is stalled once he discovers his previous meet-up location is now fenced-off and abandoned. While out searching, he instead encounters a mysterious girl named Mare who carries a scythe and claims to be a Grim Reaper.

Now that You is back in his hometown, he looks to rebuild his life, make friends and continuing his search for the girl he made a promise to. Will he eventually find his promised love? Who is this mysterious girl and why does she seem so familiar?

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