Call of Duty: Heroes joins the WWII fight

The mobile game Call of Duty: Heroes is launching a WWII update.

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From Activision:

Players now have even more options when they play Call of Duty: Heroes on mobile devices. Call of Duty: Heroes Version 4.4 update brings Ronald "Red" Daniels from Call of Duty: WWII into the battle, along with a set of devastating new killstreaks from the new title. Players can recruit Daniels and unleash his Artillery Barrage, Fighter Pilot, and Molotov Cocktail Killstreaks. The new Artillery Barrage killstreak unleashes a salvo that deals damage in the target area, while the Molotov Cocktail killstreak has Daniels throw a fiery grenade that causes damage overtime. In addition, players can call in a fighter plane on a strafing run with the Fighter Pilot killstreak.

Additional updates include a new air unit from WWII, the P-47 Thunderbolt. The new Machine Compound air unit allows players to fly over walls and directly attack enemy defenses. The 4.4 update also features a new World War II base theme, Beachfront, that takes mobile players to the beaches of Normandy.

To celebrate the Call of Duty: Heroes Three Year anniversary and new update, players will experience special bonus in-game events and promotions all month long. Those who login during the month of November will also receive a one-time gift of Celerium, Medals, Skill Points and Prestige Tokens.

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