Ayo: A Rain Tale released for PC and Mac

The side-scrolling platformer about life in Sub-Saharan Africa, Ayo: A Rain Tale, is now available on Steam and the Mac Store.

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From Inkline:

Ayo: A Rain Tale - an atmospheric side-scrolling platformer that addresses the plight of more than 319 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa - has arrived on both Steam (Windows/Mac) and the Mac App Store.

Developed by Inkline, Ayo: A Rain Tale explores the psychological impact of trekking across the desert to carry water - revealing the struggles of millions of Sub-Saharan African women and girls. Players take on the role of Ayo, a young girl who is about to leave home alone for the first time to gather water for her family. To do this, Ayo must face the harsh conditions of the Sahelian droughts and overcome her fears without falling victim to her own mind ...

After encountering a sudden sandstorm, Ayo loses her path and is lost in the desert. Fortunately, she meets the Asili Twins - who join Ayo on her search for water and provide help along the way. As Ayo continues on her journey, the world around her begins to look mysterious and magical - as if she's been transported to a new land.

The desert is a dangerous place, and you will face many hardships. Crawl, climb, and jump your way through the Sub-Saharan lands as you solve puzzles, avoid dangerous hazards, and discover hidden paths during scorching days and lonesome nights. Escape from crashing boulders, time your jumps perfectly with moving platforms, and challenge ruthless enemies - all culminating in a climactic encounter with Ja Thunderstorm, a large bull who wants to keep all the water for himself!

If you survive, you must face a harsh reminder of the world we live in during your trek back home, which is grounded in reality.

"Ayo: A Rain Tale attempts the impossible and appears to succeed where few dare to tread: releasing a serious game that informs and entertains in equal measure. Waking up at dawn knowing your whole family depends on you would make most adults weak in the knees. The brave girls who walk miles and miles for clean water every day do so without complaints. They, like Ayo, are the real heroes - and they deserve our ongoing, unconditional support." - Ghaith Fleifel (Founder & Lead Designer, Inkline)

* Explore Sub-Saharan lands by crawling, climbing, and double-jumping.
* Experience day and night cycles on your journey.
* Solve puzzles and push through boulders to advance.
* Discover hidden paths and avoid natural hazards.
* Withstand harsh desert heat and fight for strength and emotional balance.
* Face challenging enemies and confront Ja Thunderstorm!

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