Battlerite players discover new champion

Stunlock Studios
Battlerite players were able to discover Thorn's identity and unlock him for play in the game.

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From Stunlock Studios:

The final Halloween treat is here: Thorn "The Twisted Terror" has been spotted creeping into Battlerite's arena and will make his terrifying playable debut on November 8th alongside the official launch of the game. Thorn was discovered by players on reddit after they solved a series of cryptic messages placed in the mysterious "halloween themed" artwork posted on Battlerite's social media.

The eerie art pieces held hints to a secret phone number that startlingly led players to the mighty Thorn himself. Those who dared to listen to his gravelly voice were guided to the final piece of the puzzle hidden in one of the murky forest maps in-game. The fan favorite Thorn was already a popular champion in the Battlerite's precursor Bloodline Champions.

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