Play Decksplash for free and get the game released

Bossa Studios
Decksplash will be available for play for free for a week beginning November 2nd, and if 100,000 gamers play it the game will be released on Early Access.

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From Bossa Studios:

Decksplash will be made available on Thursday, November 2 on (PC) Steam, for a special Free Week. In a unique experiment for the developer, if 100,000 people download and play Decksplash during this event, Bossa will instantly release the game into Early Access at the end of the Free Week, on November 10.

Every board in the skateboarding turf war of Decksplash has its own personality and flavour - no humans required - guaranteeing players will leave an impression in 3 vs 3 PvP matches, where domination of the skatepark is achieved by nailing combos and the sickest tricks, splashing your team's colour across the tarmac. Player skills are rewarded with loot during their online matches - switch up the deck design with this swag, to really stamp their identity on the matches.

During the Free Week, Decksplash will be available for gamers to download and try out. If 100,000 players participate, the game proper will be released on November 10. Everything they earn during the Free Week - loot, levels, coins - will carry over into the game proper, when it launches on November 10. Additionally, Free Week players will unlock and keep the Erik board set, giving them a unique part of Decksplash history that no one else will be able to get.

So: get in, get splashing, and get Decksplash released. It's quite literally skate or die.

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