Hallow's End arrives in the Nexus

The Hallow's End event has launched in Heroes of the Storm.

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From Blizzard:
Hallows End

Things are getting eerie as Hallow's End creeps into the Nexus! Celebrate with spooky new skins, emoji packs, a new themed Loot Chest, and an updated Hallow's End Quest that rewards a spray, banner, and portrait!

Here are some of the treats Heroes of the Storm players can unwrap during the event:

• New Skins: Fallen Junkrat, Dr. Wolf & Stein Greymane, Vampire Hunter V, Phantom Stallion, Spectral Stallion, Bewitched Brightwing, Paper Bag Gazlowe, Garden Shambler Murky, Creepie Chromie, Pumpkin Cho'gall

• New Skin Variations: Scarecrow Xul, Vampire Slayer Valla, Crimson Count Arthas, High Gravity Zarya, Pirate Queen Cassia, Dragon Genji, Oni Genji

• Hallow's End Emoji Packs

• Hallow's End Quest: Play 2 games to earn the Cartoon Headless Horseman Spray, 8 games to unlock the Hallow's End Warcrest Banner, and 15 to score the Headless Horseman Portrait before the event concludes in November.

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