Hello Neighbor mod competition launched

Mod Hello Neighbor, win cash.

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From tinyBuild:
Hello Neighbor

You've clamored for it, you've drowned our Twitter DMs about it, and stalked us all the way to our real-life homes for it. No, really - imagine going out of your house to work, and 4 kids are standing there holding hands singing a Hello Neighbor song. This happened.

It's finally here! We're announcing the Hello Neighbor Modding Competition HelloMods.com

We've partnered up with ModDB to giveaway cash prizes and games for he best mods created based on the newly released Hello Neighbor Mod Kit.
$5k in cash prizes
Fully moddable version of Beta 3 of Hello Neighbor
Available via he Unreal Engine Installer Looking for help getting started? Check out Mod DB's Hello Neighbor tutorials page for resources, and the main page - HelloMods.com for details on the competition.

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