More mushroom wars break out on Steam

Zillion Whales
Mushroom Wars 2 is now available on Steam.

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From Zillion Whales:
Mushroom Wars 2

Step into the shoes of a fearless Mushroom Commander, choose a hero to lead your army, and take control of the battlefield in a variety of multiplayer modes or challenging single-player campaigns. In order to lead your feisty mushroom fighters to victory, you'll need fast reflexes, an eye for strategy, and the ability to oversee up to thousands of units at once.

Sequel to one of the hit RTS games of the last generation, Mushroom Wars 2 builds upon its predecessor by introducing hero characters, reimagined single-player campaigns, even wilder co-op and competitive multiplayer, as well as a visual overhaul ― all while preserving the core gameplay mechanics that made the original Mushroom Wars so enjoyable.

Key Features:
Short-session RTS battles with up to thousands of Mushroom troops
Wild cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes for up to 4 players, including 2v2
Story-driven single-player campaign complete with boss battles
Fierce hero characters who can turn the tide of battle with special skills
Full gamepad support and intuitive controls that make large armies easy to command
A large variety of map configurations and modifiers to keep aspiring Commanders on their toes
Built-in leagues, ranked matches, replay feature, and spectator mode make it easy to enter the competitive scene

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