Cradle of Civilization coming to Europa Universalis IV

Paradox Interactive
The Europa Universalis IV expansion Cradle of Civilization will be available later this year.

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From Paradox Interactive:
Cradle of Civilization

For millennia, empires have battled over the deserts and valleys where humankind once took its first tentative steps towards to something larger. From Sennacherib to the great khans, the crossroads of trade and learning have also been the highways for armies and warlords. Now, in the shadow of the collapse of Timur's great empire, new powers are staking their claim to be the heirs to the Cradle of Civilization.

Europa Universalis IV: Cradle of Civilization adds greater depth to the Muslim nations that occupy the lands between the Nile and the Indus. With new governmental powers and game options, the major powers of the region will each feel even more distinct from each other.

Features in Europa Universalis IV: Cradle of Civilization include:
 · Mamluk Government: In a diverse empire, where the slaves are now masters, new sultans must rely on cultural power to stay viable.
 · Persian Theocracy: Persian nations can use the power of the faith to bolster their regime.
 · Tribal Federations: The Black and White Sheep tribes in Armenia and Mesopotamia must expand to exploit the unity of local clans.
 · Army Professionalism: The Age of Mercenaries slowly transitions to the Age of Standing Armies as you recruit new generals and drill your peacetime army.
 · Iqta Taxes: Muslim governments can impose new taxes every 20 years for special bonuses.
 · Trade Policies: Instruct your merchants to take actions in trade nodes to increase your trade power or military advantage.
 · Islamic Schools: The wide range of Sunni and Shia disciplines offer unique perks to their disciples and transforms international relations across the Middle East.
 · And Much More: The Cradle of Civilization expansion will be accompanied by a free update for all EU4 players, including a new map with many new nations.

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