PlayStation PAX West 2017 game lineup announced

Sony will be bringing 19 PS4 games and 8 PSVR titles to PAX West 2017.


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From Sony:
PAX West

PlayStation is bringing a small mountain of playable VR and PS4 games! You'll find them in booths 100, 103, 109, 203, and 209.

On the PS VR side, standouts will include cover-based shooter Bravo Team from Supermassive Games; thriller The Inpatient from Supermassive Games; and adorable adventure Moss from Polyarc, among others. You can try out GT Sport in VR, too.

PS4 headliners include Detroit: Become Human from Quantic Dream; GT Sport from Polyphony Digital; Knack 2 from SCE Japan Studio; Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite from Capcom and Marvel Entertainment; and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy from Naughty Dog. Expect to see a number of these games playable on PS4 Pro, too. But those are just some quick highlights. See below for the full list of titles, which are subject to change leading up to the event on September 1.

PlayStation 4
 · Gran Turismo Sport
 · PlayLink: Hidden Agenda
 · PlayLink: That's You!
 · PlayLink: Knowledge is Power
 · PlayLink: Frantics
 · Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
 · Detroit: Become Human
 · Knack 2
 · Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite
 · Swords of Ditto
 · Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom
 · Tooth and Tail
 · Burly Men at Sea
 · Dragon Ball FighterZ
 · Samurai Shodown V Special
 · Omen of Sorrow
 · Windjammers
 · Hob
 · Battle Chasers

PlayStation VR
 · Gran Turismo Sport
 · The Inpatient
 · Bravo Team
 · Kaiju Driving Range
 · Moss
 · Star Child
 · League of War: VR Arena
 · Sparc


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