High School Fleet sailing into World of Warships

Ships from the anime High School Fleet will be joining World of Warships today.

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From Wargaming.net:
High School Fleet

World of Warships is partnering with iconic anime High School Fleet to add two new premium ships into the game, faithfully rendered to match the anime and equipped with a multi-character voice pack.

The main star of High School Fleet — the Kagerou-class destroyer Harekaze — and its former enemy, the Deutschland-class battle cruiser Graf Spree will be available as premium ships HSF HAREKAZE and HSF GRAF SPREE beginning July 10.

A special HSF port that Fleet fans will instantly recognize from the anime is also included in the game.

"Wargaming is excited to bring these two distinct naval worlds together in one explosive crossover," said Erik Whiteford, Head of Marketing for Wargaming America. "We're giving High School Fleet fans the opportunity to step in and battle with their favorite ships."

Both ships will be aesthetically identical to the anime, including a headshot of the HSF commander as well as two speaking officers on each ship, complete with the original voice actors for characters Mashiro Munetani and Wilhelmina Braunschweig.

Hardcore fans of historical accuracy will have the option of toggling the special effects on or off, replacing the High School Fleet skin with the regular Harekaze or Graf Spree look.

This will be World of Warships' second collaboration with a popular anime property, as ships from Arpeggio of Blue Steel were introduced in 2016.

To learn more about the new High School Fleet vessels, please visit: worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/moe-anime-mo-problems

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