Sun's Out and the Heroes are taking the Guns Out

Blizzard Entertainment
Heroes of the Storm has launched its Sun's Out, Guns Out in-game event and sweepstakes.

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From Blizzard Entertainment:
Heroes of the Storm

The Heroes of the Storm team is celebrating the start of summer with Sun's Out, Guns Out - our first ever summer event! There's no better time of year to hit the beach and work on your tan, head out of town on vacation, or invite your friends over for a cookout. Once you've finished soaking up some sun in the real world, beat the heat by diving into the Nexus for our Sun's Out, Guns Out event!

Get pulled into our all-new Brawl and try out a few refreshing new skins during Sun's Out, Guns Out, which begins today, June 27, and lasts until the week of July 24.

• New Brawl: Pull Party
o Some of our Heroes are taking a break from the battlefield to catch some serious R&R by the pool, and Stitches is throwing a party—a pull party! Hook enemy Stitches to pull them over to your side of the pool and then take them down to claim victory.

• Sun's Out, Guns Out Loot Chests
o Starting today, all Loot Chests you earn through progression (except Hero-Specific Chests), or purchase using Gems will be replaced with Sun's Out, Guns Out Loot Chests. As mentioned above, weekly Brawl Rewards after June 30 will also award one Sun's Out, Guns Out Chest. These chests each have a chance to drop limited-time event items—including portraits, sprays, skins, and mounts!

• Make a Splash with New Loot
o We've added a new Sun's Out, Guns Out bundle, as well as more than enough skins and mounts for everyone at your next cookout to sink their teeth into. The bundle can be purchased using Gems, while Skins and Mounts can be forged using Shards. You won't be able to pick up the bundle with gems or craft any of the event items with shards once the Sun's Out, Gun's Out event ends on July 24, so be sure to fill up your water guns and make a splash in the Nexus before these items swim away!

Summer Event Sweepstakes

It's summertime in the Heroes of the Storm, and in order to make room for all the guests coming to Stitches' pull party, we'll be giving away tons of epic and legendary prizes to players who choose to spend their days cooling off in the Nexus over the coming weeks.

• What's Up for Grabs?
o To celebrate the summer season in the Nexus, we'll be doing over 100,000 weekly giveaways ranging from Common level rewards of 5 Loot Chests, all the way up to a Legendary new top-of-the-line PC (including peripherals) worth over $2,400 USD. On top of a combined total of over 1 million Common through Legendary prizes, we'll also be giving one lucky Mythic Grand Prize an all-expenses-paid trip for two to BlizzCon 2017. It's summertime in Heroes of the Storm, and we plan to party hard!
o Check out the blog for more details!

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