Original Game Soundtrack for Prey released

Bethesda Softworks
The Original Game Soundtrack for Prey is now available on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, and Google Play.

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From Bethesda Softworks:

No stranger to space, Mick's work has appeared in a plethora of games in partnership with Bethesda Softworks, including a recent trip to Mars with the award winning soundtrack for DOOM from id Software. However, Mick took Prey in completely different direction, building a diverse soundtrack that combines ambient arpeggiated guitars and heart thumping synth beats. The result lends itself perfectly to the tense, menacing journey to uncovering the mysteries surrounding Talos I and facing off against the alien threat that has taken over the station. Be sure to check out Bethesda.net for more details.

The Prey: Original Game Soundtrack full track list includes:
· "The Experiment" by Mick Gordon
· "Everything Is Going to Be Okay" by Mick Gordon
· "Typhon Voices" by Mick Gordon
· "The Phantoms" by Mick Gordon
· "Into the Tunnels" by Matt Piersall
· "Human Elements" by Mick Gordon
· "The Truth Will Set You Free" by Mick Gordon
· "No Gravity" by Mick Gordon
· "Alex Theme" by Mick Gordon
· "December and January" by Mick Gordon
· "Neuromods" by Mick Gordon
· "Stranded" by Ben Crossbones
· "Semi Sacred Geometry" by Raphael Colantonio and Matt Piersall
· "Mind Game" by Raphael Colantonio, Production and Electronics by Matt Piersall


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