Scar of the Doll launches on Steam today

Degica Games
The adventure game Scar of the Doll is launching on Steam today, April 20th.


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From Degica Games:
Scar of the Doll

Follow Asumi as she travels to Tokyo alone to search for her only sister whom she has mysteriously not heard from for months. Highlighted by a genuinely intelligent and unpredictable story, uncover a frightening truth in this dramatic and thrilling suspense mystery.

 ·Truly intelligent plot, by master storyteller H. Miyashita
 · Upgraded visuals and an additional scenario added for Steam
 · Unpredictable tale full of fear, mystery, and suspense keeping you at the edge of your seat
 · A well written cast of characters who you really feel for

"We used to Fight As Children... We Fought Over the TV... I wanted to watch cartoons and you wanted to watch science programs... In the end I'd always burst into tears... And you'd always let me watch what I wanted... Father was always busy... It was always just the two of us... The teddy bear you gave me that one day... I still have it. I've been taking good care of it. The darkness of the night is scary... it makes me more aware of how lonely I am..."


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