Overwatch is a Winter Wonderland

Blizzard Entertainment
The Overwatch Winter Wonderland event runs from December 13th through January 2nd.

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From Blizzard Entertainment:
Winter Wonderland

Join us for the Winter Wonderland!

• Deck the halls with Winter Loot Boxes, stuffed with themed skins, highlight intros, emotes, victory poses, sprays, player icons, and voice lines!

• Face off in a frigid fight to the finish with Mei's Snowball Offensive! In this 6v6, single-elimination brawl, teams of Meis utilize modified Endothermic Blasters to fire super-powered snowballs to take down enemies in a single hit. Reload at the nearest snow pile, and once your ultimate is charged up, mow down the competition with the semi-automatic snowball launcher!

• Experience winter around the world as the chilly season brings snowfall and winter décor to King's Row and Hanamura, or dazzle at the aurora australis at Ecopoint: Antarctica!

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