Fall 2016 update for Civilization VI released

2K Games
The Fall 2016 update adds a new multiplayer scenario, maps, and DirectX 12 support to Civilization VI.

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From 2K Games:
Civilization VI

This update adds DirectX 12 support to Civilization VI, starting with AMD cards and NVIDIA Maxwell-series-or-later cards; please make sure your drivers are up-to-date. Support has also been added for Logitech ARX.

Today you're also able to play a whole new multiplayer scenario called "Cavalry and Cannonades," and settle on two new map types, "Four-Leaf Clover" and "Six-Armed Snowflake." These maps are playable both online and off, and were designed to encourage more conflict by forcing players to move toward the center.

For the full list of what's in the Sid Meier's Civilization VI Fall Update, see the official Civilization blog: civilization.com/#news/entries/civilization-vi-fall-2016-update-now-live

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