Steep open beta set to launch - preload available

The Steep open beta will run from November 18th through 21st.

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From Ubisoft:

In the open beta, players will be able to traverse The Aravis, the Tyrol and the Needles, three of the seven mountain ranges in Steep's alpine open world. All players who take part in Steep's open beta will receive the exclusive Crash Test Dummy outfit in the final game (see attached for what it looks like).

Please use the following link to choose your platform and begin preloading:

For more info on where to go and what to do, take a look at this open beta guide:

There's also a few challenges from professional athletes that players can take on:

WINGSUIT - Luke Aikins' Steep Challenge:
- Luke Aikins is a professional skydiver, BASE jumper, pilot and aerial photographer. He is the first person to dive from a mid-tropospheric altitude (lowest portion of the Earth's atmosphere) and land safely without a parachute or a wingsuit and the second skydiver to land without using a parachute. Luke is widely known for his July 2016 jump where he jumped from an aircraft without a parachute or wingsuit at an altitude of 25,000 feet.

SNOWBOARD - Louie Vito's Steep Challenge:
- Louie Vito is a professional snowboarder who has participated in the Winter Olympics, Winter X Games and has won several U.S. Grand Prix titles.

Share your sick lines with the world using #SteepGame, and shred on!

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