Fleets lands in Star Trek Online

Perfect World Entertainment
The Star Trek Online: Fleets update launched today on PS4 and Xbox One.

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From Perfect World Entertainment:

The first refit to the 100% free-to-play MMORPG based on the iconic Star Trek franchise brings several classic Star Trek Online gameplay options to console for the very first time, including Fleet Holdings, the Admiralty System, Duty Officers and the Research and Development System.

With the release of the first refit for Xbox One and PlayStation4, many of the popular gameplay mechanics from the original PC version of Star Trek Online will be available to all console players. A full list of features introduced with Star Trek Online: Fleets includes:

• Fleet Holdings - Fleet members can work together to build a full-scale Starbase, Romulan Embassy, Dilithium Mine, Dyson Sphere Spire as fleet member-only social areas. Building these facilities also grants access to various bonuses, high-end gear and daily missions.

• Admiralty System - Players who have reached the rank of Admiral can send their inactive starships on missions to bring back rewards.

• Two New Reputations - Task Force Omega and Iconian Resistance include a variety of new queues to play and new end-game gear to earn for your captain and starships.

• Duty Officers - Captains can delegate tasks and away missions to their standard crew members for rewards, while they continue to travel through the final frontier.

• Research and Development - This system allows players to craft standard and unique items through a variety of schools, while also providing exciting crafting tier progression bonuses.

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