Marvel Puzzle Quest getting a little Strange

D3 Go
The Doctor Strange themed Strange Sights event will launch on November 3rd.

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From D3 Go:
Doctor Strange

D3 Go! is celebrating the release in Marvel Puzzle Quest with a brand new "Doctor Strange" in-game event titled "Strange Sights" starting on November 3rd.

"Strange Sights" (written by Marvel writer, Alex Irvine) is a 3-day, 3-subchapter event telling the story of Doctor Strange's race against time to reclaim his artifacts and foil Kaecilius' plan to dominate Earth using an unstable Rift to the terrible Dark Dimension. This will also be the first Marvel Puzzle Quest event that players can choose their own path.

With the new event, Marvel Puzzle Quest will feature 2 new playable Doctor Strange character versions for players to enjoy. Both a 3-star version (Stephen Strange) and a 5-star version (Sorcerer Supreme) will be earnable in the game.

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