Hitman: Sniper getting a little spooky

Square Enix
The free All Hallows' Eve update for Hitman: Sniper is now available for the game on Android and iOS.

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From Square Enix:

Now through November 24, Agent 47 will have access to the deadly crossbow - the Exorcist - a brand new weapon to dispatch his targets with three new abilities to quickly eliminate foes: summoning an unfriendly ghost, vicious impaling and a volley of lethal, barbed arrows. Along with this unique weapon, the mountainous Montenegro region and its protagonists have also been dressed for Halloween, bringing new missions and challenges to complete.

Hitman: Sniper is the most compelling sniper experience on mobile and tablets. As Agent 47, players need to observe their targets' movements across an expansive mansion and execute them in creative ways. With more than 150 missions to complete, players can also unlock increasingly deadly sniper rifles equipped with new abilities to rule the leaderboards, and find clever ways to use accidental and environmental kills, X-Ray kills, lures, double headshots and body disposals, all the while remaining undetected, to become the world's finest assassin.


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