Totem Forge drops onto iOS

The Match-3 puzzle game Totem Forge is now available on the iTunes App Store.

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From Exaltrix:

An original take on the Match-3 subgenre, Totem Forge offers players a mature, polished look built on a number of innovative gameplay mechanics. Early on, things may seem simple (dropping gems into a board has certainly been done before) -- but soon enough, Totem Forge takes a turn for the hardcore. Evil Golems start to get in the way, and troublesome Gold Nuggets (impossible to match) create a real mess ... real fast.

However, all is not lost ... because mysterious Totems are here to help! Place your gems right, and you'll be able to evolve any Totem you encounter into an incredibly powerful being. Place them wrong, and the board will slowly fill up. If you reach the bottom of the forge, you'll be down one hit point!

To keep danger at bay, special power-ups will become available if you last long enough:

 · Use FIREBALLS to temper gems (making them worth more points), knock loose gems into adjacent columns, or disintegrate Gold Nuggets and the occasional Golem.

 · Activate a MAGNET to grab the last gem from the back of a column into your Gem deck.

 · Trigger special PULLERS to attract all gems in a row toward the source.

 · Certain CRYSTALS have unique properties when tempered; you'll only need TWO to make a match!

"There's quite a bit of depth in Totem Forge. You need a fair amount of experimentation to find what makes those sneaky Golems tick, but learning how to evolve Totems is a very useful skill indeed! We built a nifty save/load system that works great for both casual and hardcore players. There's no need to sit through long sessions to experience some of the more advanced mechanics; the game keeps track of your stats and progress seamlessly."

 · Enjoy a wholly original design based on familiar Match-3 mechanics.
 · Plan ahead to implement spectacular combos.
 · Confront evil Golems that mess with your moves.
 · Evolve magical Totems!
 · Listen carefully: Golems and Totems are voiced by legendary beatbox artist Heatbox.
 · Play for a couple of minutes -- or hours!
 · Enjoy a rich atmosphere complete with treasure, magical Totems, sophisticated visual effects, and an epic music score.

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