Arcane Online comes online

The mobile MMORPG Arcane Online is now available for Android and iOS devices.

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From GALA:
Arcane Online

Become a mighty warrior, a divine shaman or a powerful mage in the dark fantasy world of Eldine. Grind to gain experience, follow the main questline to raise your character's level -- and obtain legendary equipment (and avatars)! In need of a quick break? Enable the auto-hunt and auto-move features to keep progressing at a healthy clip. Traverse the world of Eldine even faster with mounts you can collect, feed, and train.

Raid with three other friends or go it alone if you feel like it. Explore massive dungeons for loot and beat the bosses into a pulp. Think you're strong enough to face other humans in battle? Arcane Online's PvP system makes it easy to challenge anyone to a real-time duel. Join a guild and fight competing guilds to reach the top! In Siege War, gather up to 5 guilds and 150 players weekly in real time. Join the action in the Arena, PvP Battlegrounds, Guild Wars, and free open world PK to steal other players' Legacy items!

Immerse yourself in a magical world filled with thousands of players, challenging quests, creepy monsters, and all sorts of NPCs. Can you uncover the secrets of the Spirits and vanquish the evil spreading across the land?

Humans and Spirits once lived in peace in the land of Eldine ... but the lust for conquest and power lured Humans into breaking the delicate balance. Led by their king, Humans sought to gain the power of the Spirits -- and the continent of Eldine fell into war and chaos. The balance of nature was irrevocably broken; spirits vanished and vile creatures began to appear. It has been foretold that a hero will emerge -- and that hero is YOU.

"Arcane Online gives players all the features and gameplay mechanics expected from a desktop MMO, but it's also straightforward to play on the go. The world of Eldine is filled with magic and wondrous creatures. Likewise, Arcane Online lets players enjoy the game at their own pace -- whether they prefer to investigate every nook and cranny or let the game zero in on the next quest giver." - Satoru Kikugawa (Founder & Group CEO, GALA Inc.)

+ Embark on an epic journey with thousands of players
- Enjoy a true, real-time MMO experience on your mobile device.
- Explore a vast open world set in a medieval dark fantasy MMO universe.
- Follow the questline to quickly reach the level cap and enjoy end-game content.

+ Choose and customize your hero
- Choose from 3 character classes: Mage, Shaman, or Warrior.
- Level up your preferred skills.
- Craft your legendary gear and avatars to customize your character.

+ Be part of an online RPG community
- Join dedicated servers for your region and language.
- Chat with other online players.
- Meet and party up with friends ... or make enemies.
- Create or join a guild and lead it to the top!

+ Raid dungeons and fight massive bosses
- Go solo or be part of a group with up to 3 other players for Epic, Hell and Survival PvE dungeons.
- Battle and loot massive Raid Bosses.
- Join a raid to take down the challenging World Bosses and get your Relic Wings!

+ Show off your skills in PvP combat
- Challenge other players to real-time PvP Duels or climb the PvP Arena leaderboard.
- Declare Guild Wars and fight or flee: free open PvP and PK in the MMO world.
- Fight in the weekly 150-player PvP Siege War and conquer the Castle with your guildmates!

+ Collect and evolve your mounts and avatars
- Collect, feed and train unique mounts to travel faster and boost your character.
- Craft and collect over 30 Avatar Cards to customize your character the way you like: Dark Elf, Pirate, Archangel, Valkyrie, Minstrel ...

+ Stay busy with daily events
- Join daily and seasonal Arcane Online events.

+ And much, much more ...
- Complete achievements and get lots of rewards.
- Trade with other players in the Auction House.
- Awaken and evolve your Guardian.
- Visit the Abyss to collect treasure chests -- or just plunder other players.
- Farm and harvest your crops.

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