Monster Hunter Generations unleashed

Monster Hunter Generations is now available in stores for the 3Ds.

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From Capcom:

Prepare to take on the Fated Four and many more mighty beasts with the release of Monster Hunter Generations today both digitally and at retail across North America and Europe. The game is compatible with all of the Nintendo 3DS family of systems including the New Nintendo 3DS XL Monster Hunter Generations Edition, which also launched today (game and hardware sold separately).

Monster Hunter Generations is the most customizable entry in the popular Monster Hunter action RPG series, which has sold more than 36 million units worldwide to date. New gameplay mechanics have been introduced, including Hunting Styles and Hunter Arts, which allow for a very unique, personalized playstyle. Attack from above using the Aerial style, perform powerful, well-timed counterattacks using the Adept Style, and more. Combat looks even more impressive with the addition of Hunter Arts, a mix of devastating attacks, indispensable field skills and power-ups, which hunters using any style or weapon can equip.

At the start of their journey, players will join the Wycademy, a group that specializes in researching and studying monsters. As hunters climb the ranks and take down some of the more dangerous threats, players will soon need to defend each of the game's four villages periled by major new menaces known collectively as the Fated Four.

With hundreds of quests in store that yield valuable resources used for weapons and equipment, there are hundreds of challenges to tackle in the solo adventure, plus tons of co-op multiplayer quests via local or online play with up to three other hunters. Previously only available as custom support AI partners called "Palicoes," Felynes are also now playable in "Prowler" mode with their own questlines and rewards, unique gameplay mechanics and gear.

Also beginning today, a free downloadable Starter Pack will be available in-game which includes potions, traps and other useful items to help players dive straight into the hunt. More information on how to access the Starter Pack is available on

In addition to the Starter Pack, Capcom will be supporting the game with free monthly downloadable quests and content on every first Friday of the month through the end of the year. These fresh content packs will present new challenges to extend gameplay even further. The packs will also allow players to equip hunters and Felynes with special themed collaboration costumes and weapons based on popular series such as Fire Emblem, The Legend of Zelda, Okami and more.

Monster Hunter

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